Made to move together

Carry the draag_bank together to any place you want. We believe there are many places that we can discover together.

"We wanted to create a bench that was easy accessible for everyone."


"Where outdoor seats are set down without regard for view and climate, they will almost certainly be useless."

bron: a pattern language


Quickly carry the bench in a way that works for you. Click on 1,2 or 3 to make it happen.

Do it yourself (DIY). With the help of a clear step-by-step instruction that we provide to you you can make the bench.

1. Easy step-by-step instructions

Receive the prepared components and finish it yourself.

2. Pre-cut boards and signed sticks

Let us help you. We make sure that you receive a bench that is ready to be carried outside. 

3. Finished draag_bank



The draag_bank invites to used public space in a more freely and comfortable way. By moving the furniture together and define yourself where you want to sit creates new perspectives and encourages human interactions in your neighbourhood.

The bench itself is a medium for social interaction during the making and also in use. With this bench we want to inspire people with the influence they have in the creation and use of the draag_bank in order to increase the awareness of the material, the city and fellow citizens.




The draag_bank is designed in such a way that it can be assembled by yourself or offered to be made in workshops, the latter under guidance. In these workshops knowledge transfer and collaboration play an important role. They can be organized for young and old, with or without experience in working with wood. The simple construction allows self-build in a group. The workshop provides a quick insight into material, dimensions and the people involved in building.


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