Unlock the draag_bank

We like to share the draag_bank with you. Unlock the bench with the code which you can find on this page and carry it to a place you want. Enjoy the seating! Ready with the bench? Email us at 001@draag-bank.com send us the location* and a photo, so we can tell others where they can find and borrow the draag_bank.


- Place it at a save spot.**
- Lock the bench again.

- Don't block sidewalks or streets. 
- Don't place it on private property.

- Make a photo, so we can show others where the bench is. 

- Treat if it were your bench and don't leave trash behind on it.

- Use it in a responsible way. 

** We are not in any way responsible for any accidents or injuries caused with the use of a draag_bank.

Here is the code for bench:


Code: 2289

*Current location bench #001
MISSING - We don't know where the bench is at this moment.
If you see the bench please contact us (note: not the bench at Anthoniedijk)

draag_bank #001
Location journey in photos

Voetgangers- spoorbrug Brailledreef - Utrecht 

Datum: 25/07/'21

Co√∂rdinaten: 52.1064786, 5.1123142  (dichtbij Verheulstraat en sportvelden Loevenhoutsedijk - Utrecht) 

Datum: 09/07/'21

Jagerskade - Utrecht

Datum: 03/07/'21

Van Zijlstraat - Utrecht

Datum: 24/06/'21

Ter hoogte van de Hoogstraat - Utrecht

Datum: 13/06/'21

Roode brug - Utrecht

Datum: 30/05/'21

draag_bank utrecht